Fleeing The Lethargy of Christian Escapism in These Perilous Times

Kato Mivule | May 3rd, 2011

Every week seems to bring some big news with such vast contrasts, from, deadly tornadoes in Alabama that claimed 300 lives, the sudden death of a New York iconic Pastor, David Wilkerson, the Royal wedding in the UK, to the death of the chief terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Events seems to be happening faster  than we can process or anticipate and will continue to do so.

Galatians 6:9-10 KJV  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.  (10)  As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

Yet the question that keeps coming back to my mind every time that I watch the news is what should be our response as Christians in this world. Well, some Christians are simply waiting for the rapture, to be snatched out of this world to Heaven, other Christians speak of finding safe havens in some geographical place to go hide, other Christians are indifferent, going about their every day business as if nothing is happening.

What I have found is that all these attitudes and excuses for inaction are just forms of escapism from realities. Western Christian Theology has so much to do with this kind of 'Christian Escapism Mentality, we are not challenged to deal with the realities of life but rather we are constantly fed from pulpits with 'feel good and comfortable' messages and escapism theology that somehow The Lord will simply snatch us out of a situation, as if God is some Hollywood superhero.

This type of escapism is only escalated by Bible prophesy teachers, bloggers, and Christian minister whose whole ministries are based on trepidations, fear, and paranoia. At look at some of these Christian Prophesy blogs today, all you see is opinion fights, fear and paranoia, all waiting for some rapture rescue or seeking a safe haven to escape, totally disconnected to what Jesus Christ would like us to do in this suffering world.

Yet such escapist mentalities are far from what scriptures in the Bible teach. We see that Jesus Christ had to endure the Cross. He told His disciples what would happen to Him, Jesus Christ did not expect things to go smooth. He had to endure sufferings all the way to The Cross. Even with the early Christians as we read in the book of Acts, they had to endure sufferings and persecutions for their faith.  This does not mean that they disregarded hope, no.

On the other hand, Jesus Christ knew that He would resurrect on the Third day and our Lord rose from the dead on the Third day, however, that did not mean that Jesus Christ would escape the sufferings and pains He had to endure. The early Christians had hope that Jesus Christ would return some day to establish His Kingdom on earth, however, they had to endure and live their lives through the tribulations  and pain.

Think about the tornado victims in Alabama USA, many Christians died and many lost their property, and others were injured. So, what should our response be to such situations? Are we supposed to simply hide our heads in the sand? Are we supposed to simply hide in some cave and wait for some one to come snatch us in a supposedly rapture rescue? Or perhaps we are supposed to simply sit in the pews every Sunday like life is the same and think these situations will simply pass away?

Don't get me wrong, some courageous Christians are taking action, rather than wait, they see the current events as an opportunity to be ambassadors for Christ Jesus, many are already reaching out to earthquake victims, in Japan, Haiti, tornado victims in Alabama, etc. However, most disturbing is the lethargy and indifference in many Christian Churches, live goes on as usual as if this world is the same, only to be buried deeper into escapism with the help of today's contemporary christian preachers.

Personally I sense that The Lord is speaking to Christians today through all these numerous extraordinary events happening around the world. The message I sense coming from The Lord is not about running to hide somewhere safe, or waiting for the rapture rescue to come but rather reaching out to those who are suffering as a result of the devastating catastrophes that we have all witnessed on various news outlets.

The sufferings are real, the devastation is real, and the people dead or injured are real. Rather than send more money to the coffers of that filthy rich preacher, go out and donate to the sufferings. There are numerous opportunities for EVERY Christian to do some service, regardless if they are rich or poor. You can reach out and help those who are suffering in the Name of Jesus Christ with the little you have...at least go give a cup of water to those in need. This is an opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through actions and not just mere words.

Kato Mivule