Thought for the Week

Sealed in Christ

By Kato Mivule | June 13, 2012

Sealed in Christ: 

"...sphragízō ("to seal") signifies ownership and the full security carried by the backing (full authority) of the owner. "Sealing" in the ancient world served as a "legal signature" which guaranteed the promise (contents) of what was sealed..." Strong's Concordance 4972

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Patience and Endurance

Kato Mivule | March 26, 2012  

One of the greatest temptations for the Christians, for hundreds of years, from Constantine, the Crusades, to this day, has been the notion of defending the Church by way of the sword. However, the Kingdom of God is not defended by swords, guns, and any means of violence as Jesus stated. Sometimes the best defense is patience and endurance of tribulations just like Jesus did.

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